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Maritime-VHF Gateway - LA6LU

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Maritime-VHF Gateway, AIS Map, Weather  & Latest Storm Warning
Current Gateway Channels

  • Ch.11 Tug Boats
  • Ch.13 Pilot
  • Ch.15 Oslo Harbor
  • Ch.16 Call / Emergency
  • Ch.19 Horten VTS
  • Ch.27 Coast Radio South
  • Ch.72 Helicopter Simplex
  • LA6LU-MVHF-WEB-Gateway

    Press the Start button only ONCE!

    You will only hear traffic when there are an actual ongoing transmission.

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    Wind Drammensfjorden (LA6LU QTH)
    AIS Map Marine Traffic

    Weather Drammensfjorden (LA6LU QTH)

    CC by www.la6lu.no

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